25 March 2021

Building a platform native CLI in Kotlin with Clikt and GraalVM

Most developers love working with command-line interfaces (CLI’s) to speed up and automate tasks. But have you ever created one yourself? How about building a beautiful and feature rich CLI in a JVM language? Sounds impractical, since JVM languages need a virtual machine to run on. Well, not anymore! With Clikt and GraalVM, it is possible to create these CLIs with ease, and even create native platform binaries for every major platform architecture. In this talk, I’ll show you how we created a CLI with these technologies, and even automated the process of compiling them to binaries for various platforms (Windows, OSX & Linux). After this talk, you’ll be ready to start building you own platform native CLI’s!

Robin Trietsch

Robin Trietsch is a full stack developer at OpenValue, and is passionate about software that processes large amounts of data. He is eager to try out new technologies, which is also how he discovered Kotlin. He likes a technical challenge and focuses on writing clean and readable code that is well tested.