21 May 2020

Why we gave 50+ tech talks at 19 conferences

We started OpenValue almost 2 years ago. One of the key values of our company is sharing knowledge. Next to fun and craftsmanship. This all comes together with our activities in the international Java community. I’ll explain why.

Sharing what you’ve learned with others is first of all fun! This is because helping others improve is grateful work. Next, it also pushes us to really reflect on our projects. What were the key learnings? What worked and what didn’t. And of course: if you give a talk to developers, you better make sure you play your A-game and your craftsmanship is on par.

By creating a culture within our company with room to investigate new technologies, to ask questions and be open for feedback we try to do our best job at sharing what we’ve learned. It is therefore that I’m so proud that we’ve given over 50 talks at almost 20 conferences all over the world about 25 different subjects with 9 different speakers. Never expected that.

A big thank you to all the selection committees, conference organizers and attendees for giving us the opportunity to share our knowledge! Next up for us are GOTO Amsterdam and JavaZone in Oslo, where we’re going to give 7 talks in total. Hope to see you at a conference or meetup near you.

Team OpenValue

Roy Wasse

Co-Founder and Director at OpenValue. Passionate about software development.