27 October 2020

A guided tour through automated testing with Cypress.io

Cypress is a complete end-to-end testing experience for anything that runs in a browser. Cypress promises to be more developer friendly than Selenium; let’s see if that’s true. In this session we’ll show how we’ve used Cypress to make feature development easier at a Dutch education company, write end-to-end tests at a Kenyan healthcare company, and test individual components at bol.com. We’ll also get our hands dirty with some live coding by (quickly) going through the official Test a React Todo App tutorial. And of course there will be plenty of room for questions. If you want to try Cypress yourself, it’s as easy as running npm install cypress and npx cypress open to get started (see https://on.cypress.io/installing-cypress for more detailed instructions).

Jogchem Dijkstra

Jogchem Dijkstra (no relation) is a software developer at OpenValue.