23 November 2020

Going full stack with GraphQL

REST is a great convention on paper, but is it actually good enough for today’s variety of clients like web, mobile, IoT etc? Is there a better alternative? GraphQL’s query language can drastically change the way you think about data models and state-management. Besides solving REST’s over-fetching and need for many HTTP calls, GraphQL can power your complete client/backend stack by introducing a single source of truth data model. This allows GraphQL based tooling like Apollo to take over your client’s state-management and allows you to focus on what actually matters: building a great user experience. In this talk we’ll learn how to put GraphQL (Java) in front of an existing Java REST backend and how to introduce compile time coupling between clients and server.

Rachel Heimbach

Rachel Heimbach is a Software Engineer at OpenValue who loves to learn and share new things. He has a weak spot for Full Stack development. Currently Rachl works with Apollo and GraphQL in a microservice architecture.