28 January 2021

What do you know about Java compiler optimizations?

The Java HotSpot compilers support a suite of advanced optimizations to enable high performance programs. Some of these optimizations include method inlining, removing unnecessary checks and loop unrolling. The compiler does this at different times, but what do you already know about these optimizations? In this talk, Ill test your knowledge of different optimizations via an interactive quiz. With the help of some questions we will dive into what the compiler does and when. After each question the answer will be explained. So even if you dont know anything about the subject you should get a deeper understanding of why the compiler behaves as it does. And why sometimes bad code is just as good as the clean code.

Jago de Vreede

Jago is a full-stack software engineer at OpenValue, as a software engineer he has seen a broad-spectrum of projects and he has been working on multiple large scale educational software and banking projects for the last years. His work is not exclusive to Java and Scala development but also does front-end development, and the integration between these. He is passionate about his work and likes to share the knowledge and has therefore spoken on conferences worldwide.