21 April 2021

Introduction to remote debugging of Java applications

When debugging in a local project within your favourite IDE a lot of things happen automagically. But sometimes it’s necessary to perform debugging in a production like environment with firewalls, reverse proxies and a dedicated database with real data. This is where things quickly seem to be become complicated. But what if I told you that debugging a remote environment isn’t that hard, if you know how things work? In this talk, I will show you how you can connect your remote Java application with your local IDE to start debugging. You’ll learn how to use SSH to connect to a secured environment for debugging and profiling the Java application. And I’ll also show you some easy tricks, you can use for your future analyzing sessions. After this talk, you’ll be ready to start remote debugging Java applications yourself!

Wolfgang Liegel

Wolfgang Liegel works as a Full-Stack Java Developer at OpenValue. He has over 14 Years work experience as Java Software developer, DevOps Engineer, Product Owner, Project- and Team lead. Besides software development, he loves Linux and open-source software and has been a Linux user for almost 20 years.