30 July 2021

From Spring Boot to Quarkus

When you’re building (micro)services, you have lots of framework options. Spring Boot is no doubt a popular choice. But there’s more! Take Quarkus, a framework that’s considered the rising star for Kubernetes-native Java. It always depends what’s best for your situation, but how to choose the best solution if you’re comparing 2 frameworks? Both Spring Boot and Quarkus have their positives and negatives. Let’s compare the two by looking at a couple of common use cases in Spring Boot and live coding their Quarkus counterpart. After this talk, you’ll be ready to get started with Quarkus yourself!

Jago de Vreede

Jago is a full-stack software engineer at OpenValue, as a software engineer he has seen a broad-spectrum of projects and he has been working on multiple large scale educational software and banking projects for the last years. His work is not exclusive to Java and Scala development but also does front-end development, and the integration between these. He is passionate about his work and likes to share the knowledge and has therefore spoken on conferences worldwide.

Bert Jan Schrijver

Bert Jan is CTO at OpenValue and focuses on Java, software architecture, Continuous Delivery and DevOps. Bert Jan is a Java Champion, JavaOne Rock Star speaker, Duke's Choice Award winner and leads NLJUG, the Dutch Java User Group. He loves to share his experience by speaking at conferences, writing for the Dutch Java magazine and helping out Devoxx4Kids with teaching kids how to code. Bert Jan is easily reachable on Twitter at @bjschrijver.