25 November 2021

Why is testing so difficult?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of blogs, papers, videos and talks that describe how and what to test and especially why! Furthermore there are as well numerous testing frameworks like JUnit and TestNG and more, as well as mocking and assertion frameworks. Nevertheless, there seems to be problems with unit and other tests, especially in large enterprise projects. Often enough there is lacking test coverage and even long-time professionals seem to have their difficulties with testing their own code although everyone agrees on why tests are necessary and useful. In my talk I want to shed light on possible reasons for test fatigue and show possible solutions on how test coverage can be increased in large enterprise projects and how developers can enjoy testing more!

Sebastian Konieczek

Sebastian is a passionate Full Stack Software Engineer from OpenValue Düsseldorf. He is an expert in the requirement analysis of complex systems in the field of investment advice and pension provision, but his long years of experience he covers the entire software life cycle from analysis to commissioning and support. Sebastian's interests lie in architecture and design issues, but coding remains his passion. When there is time left over from work and family, he does weight training and fitness, plays games and enjoys working on hobby projects.