21 March 2022

Plugin and Play for Kotlin

How to verify your Kotlin project in a Kotlin way? Simone is talking about test coverage and about style linter. Wouldn’t it be great if we can really use Kotlin in the full spectrum and use tools that support those features? Of course, we would also like to check our code with a linter. In Java we have multiple ways to do that, but with the specific Kotlin format, we are in need of a new linter and formatter. Ktlint (spoken as kitty-lint, for the cat-lovers among us) is the perfect plugin to fit your needs. Most of us will know or even use test coverage engines like Jacoco or IntelliJ. An advantage of this is that it’s well known and considerably solid. The disadvantage is that it doesn’t support all Kotlin features, like a Kotlin directory structure. Because of that you have to choose to OR don’t use the Kotlin directory structure, OR pick a new test coverage engine. This is where Kover comes in. In this talk Simone will go over both plugins to see what the advantages are, how to configure them, and to determine which child-diseases are still there.

Simone de Gijt

I have a great set of social skills: I love to be in a group, mingle, collaborate, talk and explain. But although this comes very natural to me, I wouldn’t want to work without the excitement and satisfaction I feel when I’m programming and analysing a new change. I’m defined by the combination: social but nerdy! Besides that I love scuba diving, doing sports, going for drinks and making music (singing and piano). Hope to be able to meet you soon!