25 April 2022

Moving to Kotlin, Powered by Engineers by Ali Meshkat

About a year ago Rabobank started fully embracing Kotlin. This change happened due to the efforts of a small group of engineers who thought Kotlin is a fun but powerful language that could benefit Rabobank a great deal. They had to convince the management, business, architects, security, and other engineers; by showcasing Kotlin’s benefits, providing security and development guidelines, and pushing for tooling support. After several weeks they achieved a consensus, Kotlin is there to stay at the Rabobank! Luckily, I could be part of that movement from the start. The Kotlin Movement is a good example of how engineers can achieve change in a complex environment. This was not possible if there was not enough room for them to express themselves with full support from the management. Join me! In this non-technical session so I can take you through the journey of the Kotlin Movement! How it started, and how it plans to increase Kotlin adoption in a durable matter within a complex environment that is the Rabobank.

Ali Meshkat

Ali is a self-taught software engineer at OpenValue Rotterdam. He likes to share knowledge and helps others to do the same. He is an avid Kotlin user and provides Kotlin workshops to engineers who want to get started with Kotlin. He believes that continuous learning (on the job) can improve engineers’ job satisfaction, hone their skills, and help organizations to grow.